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Hotfix applicator, iron foil, rhinestone glue and pliers for rhinestones Hotfix, rhinestones for gluing and pearls to string on

Which accessories fit to which crystals, this is the most joined question to us. We have very good experiences for the area of Textiles like dance dresses and show dresses with the hotfix applicator and suitably in addition the Hotfix Rhinestones. They are already coated with a glue which becomes liquid by the heat of the applicator. If you liked to provide your own motives for shirts and clothing we recommend the transfer foil with the Hotfix crystals, with the help of hotfix foil you can provide own designs. The little stones remain in the right position and can be quite simply ironed. For fingernails and Nail-design the strass special adheasive 244 and the No-Hotfix Rhinestones fits perfectly in small dimensions. Our riveting plier is produced especially for original Swarovski crystals and allow perfect and easy work with Strass Pins, Chaton rivets, snap fastener and jeans buttons, very much popular in the areas of the leather processing, as for example horse snaffles, dog-collars, textiles like pockets and denim. The positioner, is also called picking pencial and Lifting pencil, and can be used, actually, in all areas where the crystals must be raised, such as nail design, to place construction of hanger pictures and in the jewelry production to place the stones perfectly. In the category jewelry production we offer different ruffians, wires and threads to thread pearls and to create your own jewelry. So that nothing fails, you can find many videos and pictures that show the processing on our homepage under the point "Instructions". You could not find the suitable accessories for you? Then please contact us at and we will search for you the suitable with pleasure.