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Original Swarovski beads, crystal pearls, glass wax beads, round, pearl beads, spacer, glass pearls to bead

The demand for Swarovski pearls has never been so great, the area of ​​jewelery production such as necklaces and bracelets is also becoming more and more popular among hobbyists. But which beads are the best? A sparkling and inexpensive pearl is the "Swarovski 5301/5328". It is also called double cone and Bicone and our online shop offers it in many different colors like red, green, blue, black, Crystal clear, Crystal-AB and in different sizes like 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm 8mm and 10mm. Glass wax beads "Swarovski 5810" are coated beads with glass core and they look like freshwater pearls and are often processed for brides jewelry and noble necklaces. Great tips and tricks are to combinate the different beads to and rondels with Rhinestone as intermediate part to process. We have also put together different color mixes with great combinations of colors, shapes and sizes. Beading, Knotching, Beading-Crocheting, Braiding of Shamballa Bracelets, Macrame, Pandora-Style, Wrap-Bracelets, Wrap-Style and Patchwork. We do not follow a trend and you are missing the matching glass beads? Please do not hesitate to contact us at and we will get you the desired pearls.