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Swarovski Rhinestones Hotfix, Swarovski Stones No-Hotfix, Swarovski Strass, Pearls, Pendants, Tattoos, Rivets, Crystals

The highest quality from the most experienced manufacturer in the world. Swarovski Elements crystals are very popular in the creative world, because they shine like no other stone. Which crystals for which project? We recommend Rhinestones No-Hotfix for gluing on fingernails, mobile phones, artworks, wallpapers, and all everyday items. Hotfix Rhinestones are already coated with an adhesive and are particularly suitable for textiles especially popular with dancing, figure skating, gymnastics and fashion design. For creating applications and rhinestone motifs, the hotfix stones and hotfix rivets can be combined very well. Glass bead beads, glass wax beads, big hole beads and pendant for threading and making jewelery. Customers are very popular with the Chaton rivets for the processing of leather such as bags, belts, bridles for horses and dog neck straps. The strass pins are also called rhinestone rivets and have at the bottom of the stone peaks which can be stung by the leather or clothes and then can be bent around. For the perfect attachment of Swarowski Chaton rivets, pins and snap fastener, we recommend our riveting plier. Embroidered rhinestones, sew-on stones, rhinestones, zippers and buttons are often used for costumes and evening dresses, and the buttons are often used in upholstered furniture such as beds, sofas and armchairs. Chatons have the shape of a diamond and can be glued into holes and recesses as well as in jewelery and boiler chains. Iron-on pictures are ready-made motifs made of rhinestones, which can be simply laid on fabric. The original Swarovski tattoos are self-adhesive rhinestones for the skin / face. Swarovski Crystal Pixie are many small crystals and flat stones combined in one set and the novelty in the nail design.