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Back parts for Chaton Rivets of Swarovski Elements | Brass

 Back parts for Chaton Rivets of Swarovski Elements | Brass
12,99 EUR (13.81 USD)

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ItemNo. SW53009081/53007081
Manufacturer: Swarovski

Material: Brass
Back Part for 4mm Shank

The Chaton Rivets of Swarovski are processed with a back part and thus hold an extreme carrying capacity. These back parts are available in sizes 6mm and 8mm. For an application on thinner materials, we recommend processing the 8mm back parts because it can better absorb the split rivet shaft.
With multi-layer or thicker materials, we recommend processing the 6mm backparts. This requires less space for the split shank rivets for a permanent connection. Should the material be too thick or consist of several layers, it is advisable to punch it before application.

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