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Manual for Chaton rivets the screw press
Manual as a PDF  
A: Rivet Holder
B: Anvil
C: Plier
Anvil (below) is bolted unique to insert the counterparts. Rivet keeper (above), depending on the size requirements (SS18 and SS29) Screwed Up.
As an alternative to processing the Crystal riveting without counterpart, as the anvil can be screwed star stencil. The star stencil (only able to use SS18,2mm) print the shank, that the ends of it c ouple in the matirial like a star.
With minimal pressure you can place by hand the Chaton rivet in the holder. Due to the fortified rubber ring holds the Chaton rivet exported their position.
Put the Back Part with the rolled-up side above on top of the Anvil.
You now put the item you would like to garnish on top of the Ambos. The rivet fastener with the Chaton-Rivet is getting pressed on the Ambos by pulling the lever (please make a little hole at firm materials such as leathers before use).
In the case that the Rivet does not loosen itself immediately from the Rivet Holder, try to separate both parts with appropriate strength.