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Hand rivet plier "Crystal Applicator" for SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS Jeans Buttons
  1. Upper die (No. B1401) for the use of the following buttons 1790/100, 1790/114 or Upper die (No. B1701) for the use of the following buttons 1790/104, 1790/140, 1791 / 120, 1792/100, 1796/140
  2. Arresting screw for fixing the upper die
  3. Jeans Button
  4. Arrow Brand
  5. Lower die (compatible with both upper dies)
  6. Plier (No. JTCA)
  7. Turn screw (To adjust the offset or the pressure)
  8. Arresting screw for fixing the lower die
The upper die (Product No. Product No. B1401 or B1401) and lower die (E) is placed and screwed with the associated locking screw (B / H)
With minimal pressure, you can press the jeans button (C) to the crystal face up in the upper die by hand
Place the nail Arrow (D) with the pointed side up on the lower die
If necessary, change the offset or the pressure using the adjustment screw (G)
Now place the product to be decorated on the lower die. Press the pinch of the plier together to apply the button to the material (in solid materials such as leather make before a hole with a pair of pliers). If the button will not solve immediately from the upper die, try to separate the two pieces with reasonable force. The detail picture shows the back of the button

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Jeans Buttons of Swarovski Elements 17mm (Crystal/silver) [DetailsJeans Buttons of Swarovski Elements 17mm (Crystal/silver)Manufacturer: Swarovski

The jeans buttons from Swarovski can be processed using the riveter "Crystal Applicator" as a decorative button or shutter button.

Size button: 17mm
Color rhinestone: Crystal
Size rhinestone: 14mm
Color setting: silver

(ItemNo. 1790/140082001)

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