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ApplicatorThe hotfix applicator is a tool to apply hotfix products, as rhinestones, rivets or cabochons. As necessary it is possible to chane the top part of the applicator, depending on the product you want to apply. We enclose a detailled manual to every applicator order.

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As we only sell our items through the internet we don´t have a catalog to send out.

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Color Table

To get an overview of the available colors of a particular product, you can purchase our color tables. These color tables are handmade by us. Because of the huge color variety accrue a lot of work at the production. Therefore we ask for your understanding that we are not able to send out the color tables free of costs.

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Glue gemstones / strass

You need :

  • Normal rhinestones / gemstones
  • Vielzweckkleber (special glue) / rhinestone adhesive 244 / dispersion adhesive
  • Q-tip
  • toothpick

You can use the toothpick if you have very small rhinestones or gemstones.
The Q-tip has to be a little bit clammy.
Take the rhinestone or gemstone with a little push from top down. By reason of the humidity it will cling to the cotton bud. Now you can place the strass or the gemstone on the favorite surface.

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Gross is an old measurement.
1 Gross = 144 Pieces, 10 Gross = 1440 Pieces, 1 Gross = Dozen x Dozen ( 12 x 12). 
It´s still getting used as a packing unit for the production of jewelry components like Rhinestones, Beads, Chatons etc. When you order in our Shop a packing unit of 10 Gross, that means you will get 1440 Pieces.

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Iron-on Manual for Hotfix Rhinestones

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Payment possibilities

You can pay by international bank transfer or credit card by Paypal.
We will send out the order after we received the payment. If you send money by international bank transfer it could take a few days if we will get the information of receive. If you like you can send the receipt of payment by fax or e-mail. Then we can send out the order a bit sooner.
If you pay by credit card via paypal we will get the conformation of payment a few minutes after you sent the money.
To pay cash by delivery is only possible within Germany.

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PIMP your cellphone

You need :

  • Normal rhinestones
  • Viekzweckkleber (special glue)
  • Q-tip
  • toothpick

Choose Normal rhinestones between the sizes SS5 and SS10 in your favorite color. Please clean the surface of the cellphone before you start to pimp. With the toothpick you can dose the adhesive economical to the cellphones surface.
Make the Q-tip a little bit clammy.
Put the Q-tip with soft compression from top down to the shiny side of the rhinestone. The rhinestone will cling to the Q-tip by reason of the clamminess.
Now you can place and assure the strass conductive on the mobile phone.

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PP and SS statements of size with the crystal products

The difference between the designations of the quantities PP and SS explains itself as follows. The origin for these sizes lies far back in the history of the enterprise Swarovski. In former times there were so-called bead filters and stone filters. The bead filters were somewhat smaller, than the stone filters. Thus it comes that the Chatons as far as the diameter of 4,2mm PP as designation of the sizes to carry and the size starting from this diameter with SS is designated. No difference becomes apparent by the different designations in the quality or in cross section.

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To receive samples of our products please proceed as follows: order the products of interest as a regular order. After receiving the products you may return unused products within 14 days (for a full refund). If you are not interested in the products, simply send them back to us postpaid. 
Due to the fact that individual sample packages cause a lot of work and costs for both sides, we do not offer this option anymore.  Thanks a lot for your understanding.
To get an overview of the available colors of a particular product, you might want to take a look at our [color tables].

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Shipping Costs

Once in a while our shipping costs within germany are considered to be too high. However the price can well be related to the delivery prices of the deliverer and the use of  essential packing materials.
In order to ensure a reliable and fast delivery, we mainly use UPS as deliverer.
With Cash-on-Delivery the german Post offers the most pleasant prices for our customers. Unfortunately only the costs of 1,90€ can be found on the receipt. Please consider that not only the receiver of the delivery must pay an additional COD fee of 2,00€, but also the sender. All together we have to pay a total COD price of 3,90€ to the german Post.

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Wash direction Hotfix

You can wash the Hotfix strass in the washing mashine till 40°. Please do not put it in the tumble drier.
Be careful with the Hotfix Strass while ironing.

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Wash direction "Normal Strass/adhesive"

Textiles with Normal strass in connection with an adhesive are washable by hand. Please do not use the tumble drier.

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