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Google AdWords, Yahoo Overture and search results
In order to be found in the search engine, you do not only need a correct Meta Tag, but also the assistance of different InterNet pages. The more pages link to you, the more you will rise upward in the search result.
Furthermore we also use the Google AdWords & Yahoo Overture advertising possibility. Keywords as "gogos", "dancewear" or "rhinestones" in the retrieval query show our advertising link to

Banner-Ads with your help
If you feel confident with and maybe also got your own homepage, then we would be pleased about a back-link. Either as a normal text-link or maybe also as a banner-link... under [Promotional Banner] we make you all banners available.

Flyer - the handy small things
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Practically, because small and easily to put in the pockets... Flyer are surely the most well-known form of advertisement - who knows, how long they already exist!
We spread them already as well as we can, but we do not get far without assistance: if you would like to support gogoritas with distributing, we would be pleased about an eMail from you.

Unique Ballpen - dance floor style

Writes good, glitters good and is only limited available

Lighters on the journey - dance floor style

Do you have fire? Yeah sure! And surprisingly: gone! It doesn't matter what the lighter is being used for - it tramps inexplicably from one place to the other.